Kei Nakagawa

Professor, Nagasaki University

Born: 12 September 1971


1999: Doctor of Engineering (PhD) in groundwater engineering at Kyushu University.

Macroscopic dispersion process of non-reactive tracer in heterogeneous porous media

1996: Master of Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan.


2011-present: Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Nagasaki University.

2002-2011: Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences and Technology, Kagoshima University.

2009-2011: Major Advisory Professor, The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Kagoshima University.

1999-2002: Assistant Professor, Division of Bioresources and Environmental Sciences, Kyushu University.

Research stay

2004-2005: guest researcher, Department of Water Resources Engineering, Lund University, Sweden.

Research interests

Reactive transport in groundwater

Physical and chemical hydrogeology and heterogeneity

Saltwater Intrusion and subsurface dam

Groundwater modeling

Remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater

Administrative and organizational skills

2013-2013, Editor, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment

2013-present, Editor, Journal of Japanese Society of Soil Physics

2009-present, Editor, Journal of Groundwater Hydrology

2007-2009, Member of the international comittee, Japanese association of groundwater hydrology

2006-present, Editor, Journal of Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources

2006-2009, Member of the working group of in-situ tracer test, Japanese association of groundwater hydrology

2003-present, Member of the Hydrology Division, Committee on Hydroscience and Hydraulic Engineering, Japan Society of Civil Engineers

Referee for



Ecological Indicators

Resources Policy

International Journal of Disaster Risk Science

Water Resources Research

Water Research

Journal of Hydrology

Journal of Hydro-environment Research

Water Resources Management

Irrigation and Drainage

Journal of Hydrologic Engineering

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Hydrological Processes

Soils and Foundations

Aquatic Geochemistry

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

Advanced Powder Technology

CLEAN-Soil, Air, Water

Journal of Hydroscience and Hydraulic Engineering

Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment

Hydrological Research letters

Environmental Earth Sciences

Environmental Pollution


Journal of Groundwater Hydrology

Journal of Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources,

Annual Journal of Hydraulic Engineering JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers)

Transactions of JSIDRE (The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Engineering)

Journal of JSCE, Ser.C(Geosphere Engineering)

Journal of JSCE, Ser.B1(Hydraulic Engineering)

Journal of JSCE, Ser.G(Environmental Research)



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A total of 131 peer reviewed scientific contributions, of these 54 peer reviewed international articles (40 Scopus / 38 web of science (WOS) indexed articles).

Some recent contributions (2021):

Groundwater nitrogen response to regional land-use management in South Japan, (ZQ Yu, K Nakagawa, R Berndtsson, T Hiraoka, Y Suzuki), Environmental Earth Sciences 80 (18), 1-18, 2021

A Retardation Factor Considering Solute Transfer Between Mobile and Immobile Water in Porous Media, (N Egusa, K Nakagawa, T Hirata), Environmental Modeling and Assessment 26 (1), 103-112, 2021

Spatiotemporal variation of nitrate concentrations in soil and groundwater of an intensely polluted agricultural area, (K Nakagawa, H Amano, M Persson, R Berndtsson), Scientific reports 11 (1), 1-13, 2021

Suppression of Alkalization in Rainwater Regulating Reservoir by Shading on a Pilot Scale, (H Asakura, U Matsuse, K Nakagawa), Water 13 (18), 2557, 2021

Spatial characteristics of groundwater chemistry in Unzen, Nagasaki, Japan, (K Nakagawa, H Amano, R Berndtsson), Water 13 (4), 426, 2021

Effects of the Japanese 2016 kumamoto earthquake on nitrate content in groundwater supply, (K Nakagawa, J Shimada, ZQ Yu, K Ide, R Berndtsson), Minerals 11 (1), 43, 2021